Studio small

The fact that computer firm Apple started in a garage means that there’s a lot to be said for cottage industry – and the concept is well represented here at The Studio, where a local architect has added to a garage to create a striking working environment.

Architect: Studio Gedye Ltd.
Client: Studio Gedye Ltd.

Awards won: RIBA East Midlands Award; RIBA East Midlands Small Project Award

The studio is a single-storey timber building, located in a domestic garden and used as an office.
The project is convincing on all levels, from place-making through to low-energy use and is a successful response to a self-imposed challenge by the architect, who was also client and builder.

Made entirely out of timber, the building has no concrete foundation, improves the appearance of the adjacent existing garage and creates a strong visual connection with the main house across the garden.

The exterior is an elegant composition of solid cladding, generous glazing and a playful arrangement of vertical and horizontal brise soleils. The interior feels spacious and is filled with diffused light, which creates a mellow, calming atmosphere.

The building has been carefully crafted and built, with rigorous attention during construction and consistent consideration of everyday use, yet the most appealing aspect of the scheme is its casual simplicity and effortless charm.

Built on a tight plot with a small budget, The Studio is a truly delightful building and a beautiful example of calm, enjoyable architecture.



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