Competition Brief:

To transform overlooked pockets of land in Sheffield.

Our Project:

Working with artist, Keith Hayman :

We walked the Cuthbert Bank site and the area around which gave us our sense of the site, the smells, the sounds, the views. This set off our exchange of ideas, along with the information we had collected about the place and in particular about the flying club and its members.

The creative process was fuelled by the people we met along the way, who invariably knew about the pigeon lofts and had stories to tell. All this lead to the idea we eventually submitted, a simple and bold sign spelling out the words, Walkley Flying Club along the contours of Cuthbert Bank.

From The Architects Journal : “ Set on frames that echo the support structures for advertisement hoardings, the words – Walkley Flying Club – will stand proud along Cuthbert Bank, just as the cooling towers welcomed travellers to the city in the past”

Our scheme was Highly Commended

Sadly Keith died unexpectedly in 2013, I have lost an inspiration and friend and miss him greatly.