February 16th 2014

Work has started this week to repair the solarium at Hathersage Pool. This structure was built in the 1930’s and although the structure has lasted well it has moved out of square. Recent analysis of the structure shows that it moved early in its history and was then strengthened with additional ties. Our work in the coming weeks will straighten the columns so that they stand plumb once more. We will then replace the strengthening with more effective ties that will ensure it stays standing upright for posterity.

Pool Repairs

Above : The solarium : Props in place to straighten the structure. Note the high level ties which will be replaced to stiffen the structure so that the columns remain plumb.

We are also repairing the asphalt and waterproofing the solarium to ensure it does not deteriorate. This will mean removal of the timber balustrade, which was added and is not original. We have designed a simple replacement, which takes its cues from the original but has infill glass panels to meet current regulations.

We are working with our local team, builder Rob Ward and Nashmead structural engineers. The works will be complete for the next season



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